Electric Vehicle Charging Services

Electric Vehicle Charging Services for Modern Transportation

Fast, Convenient, and Sustainable Charging Solutions

Welcome to our Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Services! Embrace the future of transportation with our cutting-edge charging infrastructure tailored to meet the needs of electric vehicle owners. Our mission is to provide fast, reliable, and eco-friendly charging solutions to keep you on the move. Discover how we're revolutionizing the way you power your electric vehicle.

At Solar Right WA, we are committed to revolutionizing the way you power your electric vehicles. As the world rapidly shifts towards sustainable transportation, we understand the importance of having reliable, efficient, and accessible Perth electric vehicle charging. As an experienced and dedicated team of professionals, we specialize in providing top-notch EV charging installation services for residential, commercial, and public spaces.

Experience the future of transportation with our state-of-the-art Perth electric vehicle charging stations. Join us in embracing sustainable and convenient solutions for powering your electric vehicle. Wherever your journey takes you, we're here to keep you charged and on the move. Visit our stations and be a part of the electric revolution today!

Electric Vehicle Charging Services

Power Up Your Journey with Convenient Electric Vehicle Charging For Homes

Supporting the wider adoption of electric vehicles, we collaborate with municipalities, local governments, and public entities to establish robust and reliable EV charging networks. Our expertise ensures the development of efficient public charging stations, contributing to a cleaner environment and enhancing community accessibility.

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The power of data

A smart meter helps you track what your system is producing as well as your household consumption. In simple terms you can measure energy in vs energy out. Why is this important? If you can track how your household uses and produces energy, you can ensure you maximise the savings that solar has to offer.

The data collected from a smart meter can also be useful in determining if a battery is right for you and which size would suit your needs.

Electric Vehicle Charging Services - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle at your stations?

The charging time varies depending on your vehicle's battery capacity and the type of charger used. Typically, fast chargers can provide an 80% charge in 30-60 minutes.

Are your charging stations compatible with all electric vehicle models?

Our stations support a wide range of connector types to accommodate most electric vehicle models available in the market.

Are your charging stations equipped with amenities like Wi-Fi or rest areas?

Our focus is on providing reliable and efficient charging services; however, certain locations may offer amenities like Wi-Fi or rest areas for users.

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