How Solar Works?

1. Sunlight

How solar works?, Solar Right WA

Solar Panels are built using photovoltaic cells, or PV cells for short, which convert the rays of sunlight into a direct current.

This needs to be yet converted for household use, as direct currents are only capable of moving in a single direction.

2. Inverter

How solar works?, Solar Right WA

Once the energy has been converted into a direct current, it then needs to be converted to an alternating current, which is the standard for your household structures. Alternating currents are capable of being moved in different directions.

Now the energy is available for use in your appliances.

3. Power

How solar works?, Solar Right WA

This converted energy may now be used for your household as you need, such as your lights, television, or air conditioning. So you’re using less energy for your daily needs, and therefore saving money on your electricity bills.

4. Solar Savings

How solar works?, Solar Right WA

So what happens to the power that you don’t use? The additional solar energy produced can go back into the grid, metered and credited to you in the form of a credit on your bill. This may be dependent on your electricity provider.

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