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Solar Right WA is one of Western Australia’s leading solar power and amp battery storage solution providers.

By partnering with the best manufactures in the solar industry we are committed to providing premium quality goods partnered with unrivalled services to all our clients. Our In-house design team are available to answer any questions and to help you find the perfect system for your energy usage and budget.

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Grid connect solar systems

Get Ready For the Future

Solar Right WA provide various grid connect and battery ready solar solutions from premium manufacturers. Grid connect solar power systems use solar panels and an inverter to supply renewable energy directly to your home. If the solar system is generating more energy than your than household requires the grid connect system will feed the surplus energy back into the utility grid.

If the solar isn’t producing enough energy to power your home the required electricity will be automatically sourced from the main utility grid to cover the energy loads. It is important to be aware that during a power outage a grid connect system will automatically shut down (anti-islanding) to protect utility workers from electrocution.

Solar panel + Solar inverter
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Solar + battery

Get Ready For the Future

Solar Right WA provide the perfect solar and battery storage solutions from premium manufacturers. The solar and battery system provides stored energy to be used for maximizing night time and daytime high demand usage.

A well-designed and installed system will use energy from the solar, battery and the western power grid if required during consumption peaks. Solar energy and battery storage has quickly become the most desirable, reliable renewable energy source for residential, commercial and industrial installations. With the potential energy saving, cost saving and environmental benefits, it’s clear to see why.

Battery storage

Solar Right WA are specialist’s when it comes to retrofitting premium monitored solar battery storage solutions to existing solar systems. By adding battery storage to your existing solar system it will allow you to store the excess energy that you generate during the day for use at night.With the rising electricity costs a quality battery solution gives you back your energy independence.

Solar batteries
Solar UPS

Back up battery

24/7 blackout protection

Solar Right WA provide the perfect solar and battery storage solutions from premium manufacturers. The solar and battery system provides stored energy to be used for maximising night time and daytime high demand usage. 

The backup battery system stores excess energy, detects utility grid outages and has an automatic changeover function to become your home & main energy source.

A well-designed solar system with battery backup can keep your home running for days as the solar will recharge your battery and supply your backup loads

EV Charging

100% green Energy

Zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference. Not only does it operate as a standard EV charger, but it also has optional charging modes to utilise 100% green energy generated from your Solar PV or wind generation. Increasing the Return On Investment (ROI) for your panels and electric car, the zappi is easy to install and user friendly.

But don’t worry, if you don’t have solar panels installed, the zappi will still operate as a standard EV charger harnessing power from the grid.

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At Solar Right WA, we focus on providing all our clients in the Domestic and Commercial sector with a superior service. With over 35 years of experience in the solar, electrical, communications and air-conditioning industries, we have the passion, innovation, skills, knowledge and experience required to deliver an outstanding project first time, every time for all our clients

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