Governments across Australia offer a range of rebates and assistance such as the following…

1) Subsidising the upfront cost of installing a Solar Power System

If your residential system is under 6.65kW in size and you are using a Grid Fed inverter and Photovoltaic panels which are approved to be used in Australia by the Clean Energy Council you are eligible for up to $4,000 for residential installations. The rebates come in the form of Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) or REBs. The STC price is like a share price – it may go up or down in value depending on the open market.

All of our prices you see advertised will already have the price deducted for the government incentive, but for an example, our Zeversolar 6.55kW system with wifi connectivity, which we currently offer at $3,499, the rebate you would receive for this is approximately $4,000. So if the government stopped the incentive right now, the price would go up by $4,000.

Be aware that the government subsidy will reduce by one fifteenth (6.66%) every year for the next 13 years until the rebate is gone. So in 2017, the rebate reduced from $4,712 down to $4,397.87, which is $314 less. So the earlier you get solar, the less you solar system will cost you!

2) Feed in Tarrif for your excess power

The feed in Tarrif is another incentive to encourage people to get solar. This incentive is when the power companies pay you for the excess power your system produces and pumps back into the grid. Currently the feed in tarrif for WA is approximately 7cents per unit/kWh. So if your system produces 40 units and you use 25 units, the remaining 15 units you will export back into the grid at 7.14cents each. When you pay 26.7cents for every unit you get from the grid and only receive 7.14cents it is vital to get a system designed for your usage & try to maximise what your system produces.

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