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Solar Cleaning WA is a proud, locally owned specialist solar maintenance company in Perth.

Our technicians conduct a 15-point safety inspection of the solar system, a unique thorough panel clean, a thermal imaging scan of the equipment and a detailed system report.

We were formed on the passion, workmanship and success of Solar Right WA. Our team are experienced, qualified, competent and treat your property like it is our own.

Our customised specialist solar cleaning machines ensure uncompromisingly clean solar modules – and up to 15 – 20% higher yields than with heavily soiled panels.

The dual head rotating brushes are powered by the water stream from the high-pressure cleaner, which also helps to agitate & remove the dirt.  The cleaning effect is achieved by the mechanical action of the bristles which are made of nylon, ensuring scratch-free modular surface cleaning. The dual head rotating brushes operate at low pressure which eliminates any danger of the modules being damaged.

Our cleaning machines are complete with mobile water softener units that remove limescale & contaminants from the harsh water in WA.  In the water softener, an ion-exchange resin removes the dissolved limescale from the water hardness.

Our machines are designed specifically for rooftop solar installations and are supplied and maintained by a local Perth specialist business.

A solar system requires regular maintenance to keep it performing at maximum efficiency.

Your solar power system’s output may be reduced if your panels are covered in dust, dirt, grime and animal mess as this blocks the sunlight out and reduces its efficiency.

To maximum the full cost-saving benefit of solar power, it’s important to keep your panels clean and free of debris.

Solar panels can develop faults which can often become very dangerous and potentially cause damage or injury to your home or family if not identified.

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We focus on providing a quality clean at the best prices. To take advantage of our cleaning services, please complete the form and one of our friendly staff will contact you.

At Solar Right WA, we focus on providing all our clients in the Domestic and Commercial sector with a superior service. With over 40 years of experience in the solar, electrical, communications and air-conditioning industries, we have the passion, innovation, skills, knowledge and experience required to deliver an outstanding project first time, every time for all our clients.

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